Specializing in 4-cycle racing engines including Flathead, Animal, and Clone from stock to modified for IKF or WKA competition.  
High Performance, High Quality,  Competition Proven racing engines at an affordable price.
Fast, dependable refresh services.
15/7 access to a friendly and informative voice on the other end of the phone.

PCR strives to provide the highest performance and highest quality racing engines at affordable prices. Our mission does not end with the sale of the engine because we are not satisfied until you are completely satisfied. We also provide knowledgeable follow-up service.

After years of building kart engines for our own personal use, PCR was formed in the early ‘90s.in a very small machine shop in the back yard of a residence in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The performance of the engines resulted in a demand so large that PCR needed to become more efficient in production and that required a larger space for the business.
In early 2000, PCR was moved into a new 2400 square foot building constructed on a family property in Kingsville, Missouri and has has expanded to a nationwide business, with satisfied customers in all parts of the USA.

With more space available, the new shop was set up with dedicated workstations based upon their function: receiving/shipping, cleaning, disassembly/assembly, boring, grinding, milling, honing, porting, flow testing, etc.

Probably the most important work area from
your viewpoint is the inertial dynamometer we
use as a final quality assurance test prior to
shipping. If your engine doesn’t produce the
torque/horsepower required for your type of
racing then we don’t ship it.

When you want quality work, give us a call.

Michael Brown

      Michael Brown